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Purchase Unlock Code.

Choose your service from the drop-down menu then click the "Unlock Now" button. After You purchase you will be emailed a server login to verify your imei.


Submit your Cell Phone information to the code server using the login you were emailed. You are assigned a username and password and will be asked for the provider the phone is currently locked to, the model and imei. Please make sure all information is accurate.

Enter Unlock Code.

Once your code is generated it is automatically emailed back to you. Enter the code using the simple instructions we provide.

Why Unlock?

  • Use your cell with any GSM network worldwide
  • Avoid roaming charges
  • Increase the resale value of your cell
  • Travel Abroad
  • 100% completely safe
  • No technical knowledge required

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How does it work?

Removing the sim lock fixes error messages like "invalid sim card" and allows you to use any provider you choose! Just pop in the sim and go.

Why Us?

Because we are the leaders in the Cell Phone unlocking industry. We are proud that we have been voted best for service, product, and support in forums and in the media.

How long does it take?

5 Minutes to 24 hours. Most models have a code within minutes but some can take longer than others.

API Support

Robust API system built on REST API.

Direct Source

We are direct source for most of the services listed on our website.

iPad Compatiable

Our website is compatible with any tablet running HTML5 browser.


Access to our wholesale pricing. For queries about pricing contact us. sl3cluster@gmail.com